Across the curriculum, we ensure children are given the opportunity to think, reflect on and learn about their own learning, in order to develop a positive attitude, growth mindset and excellent behaviours for learning. We encourage pupils to think about how their prior learning links to what they are currently learning, to draw on their experience, identify challenges that they face in their learning, and recognise strategies which enable them to be successful. Across subjects we give time for regular self and peer assessment, collaboration with others and opportunities to respond to feedback in order to improve. Metacognition is developed at each stage of pupils’ learning:

Planning (before) – how will pupils approach a task; how will they consider what they know before they start and what knowledge needs to be applied.

Monitoring (during) – how well have they comprehended what they need to do; can they check their learning makes sense to them; what barriers are they facing and how can they address them.

Evaluating (after) – consider how their understanding has improved; what knowledge do they have now that they did not have before; how will they remember what they have learnt.

In this way, St Bede’s teaching across the curriculum should demonstrate:

  • Enquiry-focused classrooms.
  • Pupils asking and answering questions.
  • A range of teaching and learning methods.
  • Collaborative learning.
  • Making links across the curriculum.